Heroes of Mavia — Building on a Solid Foundation

There is plenty of excitement around a new blockchain-based game set to launch in 2022 called Heroes of Mavia.

Inspired by Clash of Clans and Axie Infinity, HOM aspires to build a full ecosystem for their play-to-earn battle game.

Players will command armies to defend their base and launch attacks to increase their holdings. Achievements will be rewarded in the in game token RUBY.

We have written about the game play, mechanics, and tokenomics in previous articles. All of it is very exciting and expectations are high.

But in an effort to provide complete due diligence, we must evaluate the team, support, and resources behind HOM.

The HOM Team

Heroes of Mavia is being created by Skrice Studios. Skrice is small team based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The core team is made up of only 10 members with a supporting cast around the world surpassing 60 members. Skrice was only founded in early 2021, but the team has deep experience in the gaming industry.

From the top, Executive Producer Yvan Feusi has over 15 years experience working as a 3D artist. Nam Hai, COO, brings 18 years of experience working in the gaming industry. And the CTO , Nhan Cao compliments them both with a 7 year track record in software development. No doubt, the team has talent and experience.

Support and Backing for HOM

Another key point to consider is how well the project and concept have been received. The easiest way is take a look at the early investors and supporters.

Skrice Studio has raised $8+million from more than 15 initial investors and more support is pouring every day. Check out the list to see some big players:


Heroes of Mavia has a solid foundation with an experienced team, decent funding, and big players backing the project. All signals point to an exciting launch.

Skrice Studios Website

Official Mavia Website

Mavia Twitter

Mavia Telegram Community




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