Heroes of Mavia — Designing a Balanced Economy and Creating Value for Sustainable Game Play

Heroes of Mavia is a multiplayer strategy game set to launch in 2022.

Players establish and build bases on the Island of Mavia. But it’s not a peaceful paradise. Your base will be threatened. The aim is to attack and defend by commanding your armies, all while growing your base.

In addition to great graphics and gameplay, play-to-earn games only thrive when players want to play, and the rewards incentivize them to stay.

The creators of HOM (Skrice Studios) are aware that they must get the tokenomics, rewards, and incentives just right. (Disclaimer: They have also gone out of their way to make sure there are no expectations of value from the in-game assets of HOM. The market will determine what value the tokens and NFTs have.)

Web3.0 Blockchain Based Play-To-Earn

By incorporating NFTs, tokens, smart contracts, and the blockchain developers are re-inventing play-to-earn as we know it.

It is common for players to earn rewards and level-up while increasing their skill and achievements in game play.

But here is the twist.

Web3.0 allows the players to participate in the success of the platform Essentially, the players benefit as owners of the ecosystem. This incentivizes them to play, stay, and earn. (Passive income is another attractive option.)

In-game assets can accrue real world value that can be transferred from one ecosystem to the next. Game changer - pardon the pun.

HOM In-Game Assets — Land, Heroes, and Statues

The primary asset in Mavia is land. Land is where players build their base and it is required to play. (Land will be available through ownership, rental, and partner agreements in the marketplace.)

Hero and Statue NFTs are optional and are not required to play the game. But, heroes and statues enhance the gameplay and help provide strategic advantages through battle and boosts.

Marketplace and Exchange of Assets

As players engage in the game they will be earning RUBY. The amount of RUBY earned is determined by the assets held. Players can then use RUBY to buy upgrades, skins, utilities, and consumable in the game.

Land, heroes, and statues can be traded in the marketplace using the main token called MAVIA.

There will be no public sale for either MAVIA or RUBY tokens.

The MAVIA governance token will be available on Decentralized Exchanges, and select Centralized Exchanges.

Why the Mavia Ecosystem Will Thrive

HOM puts the players interest first. The creators are building the system to be sustainable. Attracting and keeping players engaged is a major challenge for developers.

Here are some of the reasons we believe HOM will be a successful play-to-earn platform:

  • decentralized marketplace (developers never have control of NFTs)
  • no royalties for developers on RUBY earned in-game
  • no royalties to developers for NFT exchanges made in the marketplace
  • public facing API allows anyone to build on top of the Mavia marketplace
  • roadmap to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to turn over control/voting decisions to the community
  • token burning of RUBY for every in-game transaction (burning maintains balance of supply to offset RUBY being minted for player earnings — this avoids a currency with a never-ending inflationary cycle)
  • the DAO could vote to enact in-game royalties later to increase value to the community

Skrice Studios Website

Official Mavia Website

Mavia Twitter

Mavia Telegram Community




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